The Mother’s Day Tag

The lovely Priya tagged me for this one. I have loved Priya’s mother-daughter posts over the years and her approach to motherhood is so serene, graceful and dignified that I have always been impressed.

Priya has asked me to mention the 5 things I love about motherhood – restricting it to five things is going to be hard, but hey, this is about motherhood. It _is_ hard, and it _is_ all about second guessing. Motherhood is about being presented with a blank canvas all over again, just when you thought you had set views and opinions on things. You get to a phase in life when you think you have a general idea of how the world functions. And suddenly a knee high person points out a burst of blossoms in winter and tells you that exceptions are possible and acceptable. Suddenly, time tested norms are thrown out of the window. An icecream can be a meal, odd socks on chubby feet can be quite cute, a washing basket is really a time machine and will be used as such, and shoeboxes can help you build castles.  Nothing is quite the same again – everything is multi-layered and multifaceted and everywhere you look, there is more to life and living. And this is a wonderful, wonderful thing.


1. Motherhood breaks down social barriers like no other. Strangers talk to you on the bus because of your child and her pink shoes and her pony tails. The man in the business suit next to you makes her a paper crane and grins at her. The waiters hover around your table and get her free icecream. The shop ladies talk to her stuffed dog and ask her its name. Everywhere she goes a barrier is broken, a smile is exchanged, a conversation is guaranteed. And you get to bask in this love and this attention and the general joie-de-vivre because of a little person who holds your hand and skips around puddles and starts every sentence with “Mummmm”.


2. Motherhood helps me rediscover the world and all the hopes and dreams that come with the  trappings of the business of living. A sense of wonder about the universe floods me when I explain the idea of the day and night with the aid of an orange and a table lamp, to a pre-schooler. An autumn leaf on a cold day makes me appreciate seasons and cycles and patterns like never before. I see the world through new eyes and heightened senses.  I watch an ice cube melt into a puddle of water and marvel at transition. I soak in the fascination of seeing food being spun around as I stand with my nose pressed against the microwave door. I worry about baby birds when it rains because a little person reminds me that the birds dont have cardigans for the chilly days. I am no longer just me, I am in tune with the world and  I realize the joy of being part of something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

3.  It doesnt matter what kind of a day I have had, the sight of a familiar face playing hopscotch when I pick her up in the evening gladdens and heals my heart like no other.  To be able to feel a love this magnificent and overpowering and raw for another human being is the greatest gift of motherhood. It takes a child to show you how far you can traverse the regions of the heart and I know that I would make any sacrifices for her, wage any battles for her and defy the norms at any cost. It takes a child to show you that love can indeed be pristine and unconditional and forgiving. And the very notion of being the recipient of such an emotion humbles me and elevates me like no other.

4. Motherhood makes me appreciate what a fantastic mother my own mother is, in a way I would never have understood had it not been for my child. Every sleepless night, every grazed knee and every tear now makes me appreciate the roads my mother travelled, the lessons she taught and the patience and grace she exuded. Motherhood makes me a better daughter and for this I am infintely thankful.

5. Motherhood is the closest that I will get to immortality. My daughter is my link to an eternity that would have been otherwise out of my grasp.  My smile, the crinkling of eyes when I laugh, the memories my parents gave me and the lessons I learnt are now also a part of her personality – and the essence of who I am will never be tarnished by the ravages of time because long after I am gone, I will still live through her memories and those that come after her.My life will not end with my passing, my daughter is testimony to the fact my life will more be than an exercise in living and that I will live on through her heart.

I would love to tag the ever delightful Ardra to take up this tag and anyone else that wants to do it. Looks like nearly everyone else has done this 🙂

This was fun, thanks Priya 🙂