Where rainbows live…

I point out the plump, fleecy, grey clouds to her as I drive her home from school. An insolent ray of the sun filters through the grey afternoon and vaults off the sky.

“Will we get a rainbow now?”, she asks. She is well versed in the magic that happens when the raindrops give the sunshine a chance.
“You never know”, I tell her.
“I can almost see a rainbow”, she says as she points to a patch of tedious grey on the eastern horizon.
All I see is the gathering rain. Because the sun has now gone his own way. So, I tell her that I can see nothing but the clouds.
“But that is where the rainbow lives before it is born”, she tells me. “You just need to look harder at the grey clouds. Then, you can see the ‘almost’ colours behind the darkness”.

I swear I saw a smudge of colours when I looked again.