Sweet Nothings

Here is another writing exercise. A complete story – and it is not even 400 words long 🙂

“Your tests say you have diabetes”, Dr Mason starts off gently. Greta sits plump, stoic and unmoving even as he hands her pamphlets and starts telling her about the importance of regular blood-tests.

“There is no cure, Ms Fringers, do you understand?” he asks, this time with more emphasis. “This disease can be managed and you can have a very normal lifestyle if you follow a few simple rules”.

 Greta says nothing in response. Instead she stares wistfully at her watch. Then she nods in the direction of the doctor and walks back to work through what she assumes are teeming crowds of people who don’t have diabetes and therefore already have normal lifestyles.

Back at her little bakery, Greta gets to work. She creams eggs and butter, measures out the flour and sugar, whisks cream and melted chocolate and bakes the daily order of cakes with precision and with the same trademark stoicism that she demonstrated before the doctor a while ago. As she waits for the cakes to bake, she stares idly at the generous testimonial she has given herself.  “Greta Fringers Bakes The Best Cakes Ever Tasted”, the carefully arranged wooden lettering in the side window proclaims.

The dark chocolate torte comes out of the oven first. This is when she would have normally cut herself a generous slice and done a taste test. The best cakes in town need verification from a master baker like herself.

“Insulin dependency is to be avoided at all costs; you do not want those complications at your age. No more sugar, you understand?” the rambling doctor had said.

Greta plonks the obscenely decadent cake in the display window without cutting herself a slice – the cake looks alluring whereas the wooden letters next to it suddenly look aged and weather beaten, much like her. She leans over to clean them when a sudden gust of wind knocks the wooden letters over in a jumbled heap. She hurriedly rearranges the letters and goes back to making more cakes whose taste henceforth will be part memory and part prediction.

 It is much later as she is leaving for the day that she notices the sign that she had hastily resurrected earlier in the day – “The Best Cakes Never Tasted – Bakers Great Grief”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rajavel
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 17:42:08

    That was very very creative!


  2. Captain Nemo
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 19:42:20

    Superb, as Rajavel said, very creative…


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