Random Observations On A Sunday Morning

Dear Lady In stilettos,

Why? 9:00 AM on a Sunday at the kiddy pool with a few dozen toddlers and kids running around barefoot in bathers. The floors are wet. The kids are either screaming their heads off or shrieking in delight. They do not see where they are going when they get out of the pool. So. PLEASE move away from them and wait outside in the coffee area. I am terrified that you are going to step on some chubby toes and unleash (more) mayhem. Also, if the owner of the said chubby toes pushes you into the pool after this incident, I will clap and cheer.  You have been warned.

PS: The stilettos are tacky. Metal buttons are passe. Just so that you know.


The slightly paranoid woman sitting opposite you

Dear A’s Friend’s Mother,

No, my child is not a genius in the pool. She is good, but that is about it. Please, please do not keep telling me that she is doing superbly every time I look your way.  And, no, I am not going to return that compliment because your daughter looks miserable and you should probably wave to her instead of encouraging me. My child alternates between treating the swimming lessons as a torture test or a social outing depending on her mood. See how I didn’t use the word “Superb” or “So gifted” in that sentence?  Go on, try it now.


The genius’s mother

Dear What-Were-You-Thinking,

I am an old fashioned sort of a person when it comes to kiddie fashions. I understand that swimsuit models look great in bikinis. Mostly though, they are grown-up women who get paid for sashaying and dancing around in skimpy clothes. Your daughter doesn’t look a day older than 7. WHY is she wearing a bikini? How about you say something about that garish nail-polish and lip-gloss? She is going to be a child for only so long, why would allow her to dress like an adult?. Childhood comes with a shelf date – did you know that? 


Ms Very Concerned About You and Your Daughter

Dear Miss A,

Please swim. Listen to what your instructor is telling you. No, don’t wave to me and point out random people in the 4th lane on the right. Okay, you may wave but I really do not know why you are so excited about the swimmers in the far lane. Who is it? Is it a B grade celebrity from some TV ad – God knows you have great talent in spotting such folks.

Also, when did you learn to be so graceful? Perhaps, I should stop writing mental blog posts about the crowds and concentrate on you instead.

No, don’t wave again. Swim.




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  1. Rajavel
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 15:31:33

    🙂 ! thats incredible ! Mind bloggling ! Wonder how it would be in future ! They might sell a chip – branded by FB or Blogger or some such thing !

    As you think, it will get updated right then and there ! Offcourse – things like – editing and wordsmithing – have to figure that out in this process !


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