About Me

Dreamer, Mother, Aspiring Writer.

Thoughts, Sunsets, Sunrises.

Life, Living, Milestones, the acts in between.

Journeys made. Destinations that were never reached. Sometimes forgotten.

A Belief that my best songs are still unsung.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia.


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  1. Ruth Bell
    Mar 11, 2007 @ 11:47:14

    GARLAND: There’s this old town, American place, somewhere and there’s this long jetty and you walk along it, upset and heartbroken. (Pause) And you get to the end and there’s a boat , a little boat attached, to the jetty and it’s like this rubber dinky, well no because it’s wooden, but, but old and you place (pause) everything (Pause) That you. (pause) That you loved and shared with this person, you place it in (pause) in the boat and then you sit down on the edge and your feet touch the water and stuff (Pause) And. You told too me this with my eyes closed. (Pause) You talked me through it , you know? ( Long Pause) Anyway, everything’s in this dinky (Pause) And you pick up this string, the rope that’s attached to the wood and you drop it into the ocean. (Pause) And the little boat starts to move (Pause) And slowly, slowly, slowly….it drifts out and you watch it, and it gets further and further away. Till you can no longer see what’s in it anymore, you know, it’s just this boat, this little line on the horizon and you watch, and you sit there and you cry and you sob and you watch it slowly until it becomes invisible….(Pause) And then, you stand up and you walk back down the jetty and you go to the town and you go into the town and you walk into the dinner and you sit down and order yourself a cup of coffee. (Pause) That doesn’t work with you. I’ve tried it a dozen times , I don’t know why, I think maybe it was because the story belonged to you…You’re not saying the words. I think you need to be saying the words. Maybe the story by itself doesn’t work, doesn’t work without your voice.

    So I will do my own goodbye. (Pause) Which I don’t want to do.. I can just stand here and talk to you and (Pause) Make everything alright, you know?


    Make it all go.

    But then I think, it’s not like a tsunami has come, an earthquake hasn’t come. No act of nature has done this. I have done this.

    So. I’m walking around this pool, the one in, I don’t even know what the suburb is called, but it’s a pool and it’s part of the ocean. And I’m walking around it and you’re behind me and your going DER-DERT,DER-DERT (Pause)DER-DENT.

    And with all the love and all the warm attachments and beauty I have felt with you, it goes BLACK.



  2. unni
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 06:28:54



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